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3 Doix of 3 vintages

2015, 2017 i 2019

Elegance and complexity. A strong, unique personality.

Enjoy the evolution of a Doix

Three consecutive vintages to enjoy the evolution of a wine at the same time. Tasting these wines simultaneously allows us to grasp how the character of the vintage and the bottle aging make us enjoy it differently.


Vintage 2015

Moderate winter with a single snowfall in February. Spring with barely any rain and high average temperatures. The 60 liters per square meter that fell in June allowed us to face a July with a heat wave and more temperate and dry August and September. Harvest from the 15 Sepetmber through 25 October. Without any rush, but without any breaks either. A relaxed harvest.

Vintage 2017

Vintage is marked by average and maximum temperatures above values of the last 10 years, as well as very low rainfall regime. However is in these conditions when our vineyards and grapes have shown their incredible capacity not only to survive but also to give a small quantity with very high quality.

Vintage 2018

With a snowfall in February 2018 has been a year with abundant rainfall in spring and autumn, with records well above average. Very high temperatures peaks during the day in July and August. A warm September refreshed again by the rain to obtain healthy, tasty and very balanced grapes.