Elegance, freshness and balance.

Wine is born on the vine and that is why we work the vineyard every day. It comes from the care and respect we have for our environment and our passionate team, who is steeped in the traditional practices and fully prepared for the challenges of the future. The men and women of Mas Doix have been caring for and gently accompanying the Grenache and Carignan vinesplanted in the slate of these “llicorella” hills since 1902.

Our wines

A reflection of the microclimate of Poboleda, of our “llicorella” and the vines that grow there.
Wine is made in the vineyard.

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Experience Mas Doix

Contemplate Montsant Mountain, tread on the “llicorella” slate, listen to the silence, taste the wines, get to know Mas Doix.

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